CONCORD (KRON) — Bay Area Rapid Transit is recovering after a major delay earlier after service stopped for a considerable amount of time early Tuesday between Concord and Pleasant Hill “due to a grass fire in the area.” As of 9:15 a.m., trains are able to single track between the Concord and Pleasant Hill stations, according to a tweet from BART.

There is still a major delay on the Antioch line in the SFO direction and the Antioch direction. BART says it has dispatched more trains to help ease delays on the Yellow line.

Crews remain on the opposite track near Concord to set up a new power configuration to run trains on both tracks. This is the latest of several recent incidents between the Concord and Pleasant Hill stations on the Antioch line. Last month a train derailed between the two stations due to high heat, resulting in delays and trains having to single track through the area for several days until the tracks could be repaired and the train cleared.

BART announced that the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority, also known as County Connection, is shuttling people on bus line 14 between the locations.

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“We now have five buses serving as a bus bridge between Concord and Pleasant Hill while the fire department responds to grass fires near our tracks,” BART stated earlier. “We still have very limited service for the rest of the Yellow [Antioch] line because we can’t dispatch trains.”

The trains couldn’t be dispatched for several hours because power had to be dropped in the area due to the grass fire.

“There is a major delay in service on the Antioch line in the SFO Airport and Antioch directions,” the agency stated.

As of 7:20 a.m., the fire department had extinguished the blazes. Crews inspected trackside and power equipment and by 8:30 a.m. trains had been dispatched again.