(KRON) — BART will be installing new gates later this year aimed to cut down on fare evasion. The new gates will first be rolled out at the West Oakland Station in December. 

The transit agency announced this week they were awarded the contract for nearly 800 new fare gates. The goal is to not only deter fare evasion but to improve access. 

The $90 million project is being paid for by county, federal and state funds along with BART. 

“We know BART loses millions of dollars to fare evasion and at the same time we do offer low income discounts and discounts for youth,” said Alicia Trost BART Chief Communications Officer. “But we do charge a fare and we need people to pay their fares especially as remote work is so popular and we’re trying to get more and more people to take BART for other reasons than a work commute.”

BART will study how the new gates work this December. Half of BART’s stations will be covered next year with the other half being covered the following year.