SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Bay Area Rapid Transit will be running its final legacy train this Sunday night, the transit system announced Friday. The time the train will run and the line it will run on are still to-be-determined, BART said.

Starting Monday, BART will cease running legacy trains and solely operate its newer “Fleet of the Future” trains. The fleet of legacy trains will still be available for extra event trains or emergency contingencies, BART said. However, they will no longer be part of BART’s regular service.

The changeover of the old fleet for the newer one is part of a broader service change BART is implementing Monday. In addition to phasing out the older cars, the system will be changing its schedule to provide more frequent service with shorter trains.

BART’s “Fleet of the Future” trains are cleaner, have better surveillance cameras and are more efficient than the old legacy trains, according to BART.