OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — BART is under fire after announcing it will not provide service following the Oakland Athletics firework show on Friday.

The A’s are holding their popular post-game fireworks show after their game against the Boston Red Sox.

But BART said the last trains will leave the Oakland Coliseum before the fireworks show begins, advising riders to be on the platform by 10:10 p.m.

“If you attend the July 2 game at the Coliseum and plan to stay for the fireworks show, please arrange alternative transportation options to return home if you take BART to the Coliseum,” BART wrote on Twitter. “Otherwise be on the Coliseum platform before the show.”

As a result, the A’s have suspended additional ticket sales for the game.

“With over 30,000 tickets sold for Friday’s game and BART not running service post-fireworks, the A’s have made the decision to suspend additional ticket sales for the game online and at the A’s box office,” the organization wrote in a statement shared to Twitter Thursday.

In response, BART said after asking if they can stay open later for the game — they “operationally cannot.”

“We know this is a huge letdown. We still provide postgame service tomorrow but it’s before the fireworks show. We sincerely apologize to all loyal and rooted A’s fans.”

Riders weren’t too happy with the news and took to Twitter to express how they felt.

“@SFBART Are there seriously not going to be any trains leaving after the @Athletics fireworks game Friday?” one user tweeted.

“What are the alternatives for those who don’t own cars? 20K people try to fight for Ubers?”

“Totally unacceptable. Fix this.”

“Absolutely shameful and ridiculous.”

Some upset riders even brought the San Francisco Giants into the discussion, stating BART accommodated the Giants and their fans.

“@SFBART ran trains after the Giants fireworks night last week!”

Eventually, A’s President Dave Kaval got involved and expressed his frustrations with BART.

“Super disappointed that @SFBART won’t be running trains after our big fireworks night especially since they ran trains for the @SFGiants similar games. I hope they reconsider their decision,” he wrote. “We should not receive lower service levels here in the East Bay.”

And BART had a response of its own.

BART said the A’s have better service than the Giants due to the location of where they play.

But fans weren’t pleased with BART’s response.

“Keep convincing yourself this is a good answer.”

“Not exactly the response I expected…”

The game is set to begin at 6:40 p.m.