(KRON) — BART is addressing sexual harassment and gender-based violence when riding transit through a new initiative.

Starting Sept. 11, BART will run shorter trains to eliminate empty cars where some women have been targeted for harassment and assault.

BART will also be retiring older cars to save on energy costs.

As ridership increases, the transit system will begin adding cars back into service where needed to avoid trains becoming overcrowded.

Service will be increased during the nights and weekends so riders to not have to wait for long periods of time at platforms.

Posters outlining safety tips are currently up on all BART train cars and stations.

Pamphlets informing people on how to report sexual harassment are available at BART’s station booths.

(Poster: BART)

“This project understands the importance of making people feel comfortable on public transit, a place that is meant for everyone,” said Suarez, a senior at Oakland School of the Arts. “Being a part of this has made me hopeful; it shows me we’re not that messed up as a society. Even this small group is making a big impact.”