SAN CARLOS, Calif. (KRON) — Business owners across the Bay Area are recovering from widespread flooding over the weekend, and many are bracing for more rain to come.

San Carlos saw severe flooding in areas across the city Saturday, and video of the flooding along El Camino Real showed just how deep the standing water became. On Monday, the City of San Carlos announced that it had run out of free sandbags for residents, but it plans to have more available by Tuesday.

David Fadayel, owner of Perfect Lube, located on El Camino Real in San Carlos, tells KRON4 that he and his coworkers headed to the business on Saturday afternoon to start cleaning up mud and water that had overflowed from a creek nearby. The creek runs along the edge of the Edgewood Park neighborhood in San Carlos.

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“It looked like a hurricane just rolled through. We were scooping out mud and just trying to maintain it. We were here to get it handled Saturday. I’ve never seen mud flow out to the street from rain,” Fadayel tells KRON4. Though Fadayel did have cleanup to navigate, he says he doesn’t have it nearly as bad as some of his neighbors.

“My neighbor has a nail salon, and she is probably out of business for at least the next month.” Fadayel said. He says this neighbor just purchased the salon and upgraded the entire shop. Now, her parking lot has four inches of mud out front.

Video shared with KRON4 from Saturday afternoon shows a driver traveling south along El Camino Real, and the area is nearly unrecognizable. The video starts near the Walgreens on the corner of Belmont Avenue. The store’s doors are closed and three vehicles sit, partially submerged in the parking lot.

The storm expected to hit the Bay Area this week could bring even more severe flooding because the ground has already absorbed as much water as it can, according to KRON4 meteorologist Kyla Grogan. Residents or business owners who saw flooding over the weekend can expect it to return as we receive multiple inches of rain on Wednesday.

The City of San Carlos warned residents to stay in their homes if faced with flooding in the coming days. A message sent to the City of San Carlos for comment on the overflowing creek was not immediately returned.