It’s been over a week now that the Bay Area is experiencing unhealthy (hazardous in some parts) air quality conditions due to smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County. 

Many schools are closed and events canceled, and both people and pets are encouraged to stay indoors until the air quality gets better. 

Right now that’s predicted to be the day before Thanksgiving. 

Now how bad is it out there compared to the rest of the world? 

According to Berkeley Earth, an independent nonprofit that focuses on land temperature data analysis for climate science, there are four Northern California cities that top the list of Most Polluted Cities in the World.

Here’s the full list, with each city’s Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) reading within the last hour: 

1. Stockton, CA (157.4)

2. San Francisco, CA (137.9)

3. Oakland, CA (135.6)

4. Patna, India (132.6)

5. Sacramento, CA (129.4)

6. Varanasi, India (116.2)

7. Muzaffarpur, India (114.7)

8. San Jose, CA (113.4)

9. Turpan, China (109.2)

10. Darbhanga, India (106.4)

>> Click here to see the full list. 

If you’d like to be somewhere where there’s very little pollution, you can head over to Vancouver, Canada, which led the list of Least Polluted Cities in the World. 

At last check, Canada’s Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) was 1.6