SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — One Bay Area tech company has permanently implemented a shorter work week and wants to inspire other companies to do the same.

At the start of the pandemic, a lot of companies had to quickly adapt to allowing employees to work from home.

San Francisco-based tech company Bolt has taken this a step further by allowing employees to work fewer days.

“It’s not about trying to cram five days of work into four day. It’s really about transforming how you work fundamentally and really ruthlessly focus on the most impactful thing while still achieving your goals,” said the company’s chief people officer, Jennifer Christie.

Bolt is a one-click technology for people to use while shopping online.

The company has 550 employees. CEO Ryan Breslow launched a pilot program at the end of 2021 to see if a four-day work week could be done successfully.

“We asked employees if we should continue this and 94 percent said, absolutely let’s keep it going,” said Breslow.

The change went into effect this month. Eighty-six percent Bolt’s employees, say they feel more productive, according to the company.

There are dozens of companies across the country trying out a four-day work week. Bolt wants to share what it’s learned to help others be successful in implementing this new work model.

Over 100 lawmakers have even backed new legislation that would reduce the modern-day work week from 40 hours down to 32.

The bill would not eliminate five-day work weeks altogether, but it requires employers to offer employees overtime after 32 hours.

“It’s important companies have the flexibility in how it’s applied. Not all workforces are the same so we have to have different models out there. If legislation helps move the needle then I’m all for it,” said Christie.

The pandemic has made it extremely hard for companies to retain and find employees. Supporters of a four-day work week say this could help that problem.

That’s proving to be the case at Bolt.

“I’m already getting Linked n requests from people asking if we are hiring. So I think this might add some pressure to other companies to at least give it a shot,” Christie said.

The legislation in D.C. has not moved forward since being introduced in July 2021. But the pioneers over at Bolt believe a shorter work week is a trend we will start to see among other tech companies in the Bay Area.

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