SAN MATEO (KRON) – San Mateo County is sounding the alarm about potentially harmful algae found at the Coyote Point Recreation Area on the San Francisco Bay after fish turned up dead.

“Signs of potentially harmful algae spotted in other parts of the San Francisco Bay are now present in the waters surrounding Coyote Point Recreation Area and the Coyote Point Marina,” a press release states. “The appearance of brown water and dead fish at the beach and marina has prompted the posting of warning signs.”

It is believed there is toxic algae blooming in the water. The signs advise visitors to “throw away guts and clean fillets with tap water or bottled water before cooking” fish caught in the area. The county also advises people to:

  • “Stay away from algae and scum in the water,
  • Keep children away from algae in the water or on the shore,
  • Do not allow pets and other animals to go into or drink the water or eat scum on the shore,
  • Do not drink this water or use it for cooking, [and]
  • Do not eat shellfish from this water”