SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — One Bay Area doctor is working to bring comprehensive reproductive healthcare to people that no longer have access to it. She plans to use a ship-turned clinic, sailing off the Gulf Coast.

Doctor Meg Autry of UCSF tells KRON4 she’s been working on this idea for years. The ship would sail on federal waters.

Autry says the plans are moving more quickly now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

“I know that when the decision was made final is when our group said we’re ready to launch,” Autry said.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, protest like this one happened across the country, and even world. Many people are trying to do everything they can to help people have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

“As a public servant I feel like somebody has to step up and do this,” Autry said.

Autry helped create “PRROWESS,” which stands for “Protecting reproductive rights of women endangered by state statutes.”

The goal is to fund and build a floating health clinic dedicated to offering full reproductive health services, including contraception and surgical abortions. The group plans to put it off the Gulf Coast on federal waters.

“We believe that it is legal to provide reproductive healthcare services there,” Autry said. “It’s going to be a floating clinic so it has to meet all the specifications of a clinic that would be on land.”

She says that she and her partners have been working on the idea for several years. They have talked with lawyers now things have kicked into high gear.

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Autry says for many people in states like Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, right off the gulf coast, it’s difficult to get to an area where you can receive care.

Right now, they are still trying to raise the enough money to create the ship. Autry believes it will cost about $20 million. People can find ways to help by going to its website.