(KRON) – American citizens stuck in Gaza are being told to try and cross the border into Egypt, according to one Bay Area family that says their grandmother is stuck in Gaza. 

The family says their grandmother has tried that, but the border was bombed and closed. KRON4 spoke with their immigration attorney in San Francisco, who is filing a lawsuit this week.

The immigration attorney says this is one of many American families who are having a hard time helping U.S. citizens return home from Gaza. Now he, along with other lawyers, is planning to file a lawsuit against the U.S. government.

The Bay Area family says their 81-year-old grandmother who went back to visit her homeland for the first time in three decades is stuck there after Gaza and that border were bombed.

“We’re terrified,” said Dina Abseiso, a relative of the woman. “We feel dehumanized. We are confused. We live here just as any other American expecting all the protections and rights as any other American, and we feel abandoned by our very own government whom we have elected and whom we pay taxes toward.”

The family is working with San Francisco immigration attorney Ghassan Shamieh, who says while chartered flights have been helping American citizens leave Israel, there is no evidence of resources being provided to U.S. citizens trying to flee Gaza.

“The families of the U.S. citizens stuck in Gaza are seeing zero effort, zero action, zero tangible proof that there is any movement being made to get these citizens out of Gaza in a safe manner just like U.S. citizens out of Israel were vacated,” he said. 

The State Department tells KRON4 that the last government-chartered flight for the foreseeable future leaves Tuesday from the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. It did not mention any specific plans for if or how the U.S. government will help citizens if they are able to safely cross into Egypt from Gaza.