SAUSALITO (KRON) – People who ride the ferry regularly say they used to be able to find a seat on the ferry, but now it gets so packed people are standing and packed in. 

A lot of people are riding public transportation like the ferry or BART to avoid burning expensive gas, paying for toll and parking.

Whether it be on a Golden Gate Ferry from Sausalito or Larkspur to the city, or a San Francisco Bay Ferry from Vallejo, it’s all becoming packed with people avoiding the pump.

Riding a ferry from Sausalito will cost you $14 one way, but if you have a clipper card, it’s half the price. 

If you ride with a clipper it’s $7 one way to the city, a little more expensive than a gallon of gas these days, but you’re avoiding the Golden Gate Bridge toll, which costs $9.05.

The San Francisco Bay Ferry is a bit cheaper, costing $11.25 for a paper ticket, and it’s much cheaper if you buy a ticket online or use clipper.

Riders getting on in Vallejo avoid the Bay Bridge toll and burning gas in the massive amounts of traffic we have seen lately. 

During the pandemic ridership on the ferries went down dramatically, but that’s all changing now. From June 2018 to 19, the Golden Gate Ferry had over 190,000 riders. Last year that dropped to just over 6,000 riders.

People are just now getting on the ferry: it’s the first one of the day here in Sausalito.