BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – With the Red Flag Warning in effect, fire crews are on alert.

The firefighters from Station 7 jump in a fire engine to patrol the streets around Tilden Park looking for signs of smoke and to safeguard against anything that can cause a wildfire.

There were two engines on patrol during the day today.  It’s part of the protocol on when fire danger is high.

Their Red Fire Weather Flag is flying with the warning in effect until 11 a.m. Friday and Berkeley Fire added a third engine to begin patrolling at 6 p.m.

“Looking at the weather pattern, it looks like we’re going to have an increase in wind tonight through the morning. Trying to maximize our units on the ground at night time people are sleeping may be less attentive for people to call 911,” Keith May said.

In addition to keeping an eye out in order to get ahead of any blazes that break out, Berkeley Fire is reminding residents, especially those who live in the hills, to sign up for AC alerts, the county’s mobile alert system.

The are also asking people to review their household’s evacuation route for getting out both by car and by foot, pack or refresh a go-bag for everyone in the family and because of COVID-19 be sure to add masks and hand santizer, and park off-street.

Assistant Fire Chief Keith May calls the narrow twisty roadways in the hills spaghetti streets and says they can be tough for firefighters to get to where they need to be when a fire starts.

“It’s hard to get apparatus through let alone operate if they do get a fire we ask people if they can at all costs back into your driveway because then you’re ready to go if you have to evacuate,” May said.

With the Red Flag Warning in effect, people should use extreme caution when BBQing, using powered equipment, and even when idling their vehicles, and of course, fireworks are completely off-limits.

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