(KRON) — There is more pain filling up these days. After prices trickled down for several months, they have soared again in the past few weeks.

“California for the past month has seen an increase and really in the past week, it has jumped about 14 cents,” said AAA spokesperson John Treanor.

Here we go again.

Average Bay Area gas prices*

  • San Francisco: $5.83
  • Napa: $5.79
  • Oakland: $5.69
  • San Jose: $5.68

Californian’s facing the latest round of harsh prices at the pump.

“Gas is complicated, a lot goes into it, and right now, can tell you the entire nation is seeing prices go up, especially those in California,” Treanor said.

Treanor says all of those historic circumstances — ie. Russian war, pandemic, etc. — combined make it near impossible to predict what the market will do next. He adds drivers can soften the blow with some steps.

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“Sounds obvious, but don’t speed,” Treanor said. “Keep your tires inflated, and don’t go down past a quarter tank, it can hurt your fuel pump and you don’t want that.”

*Source: AAA