(BCN) — Immigrants and their supporters began marching toward San Francisco from San Jose and Petaluma on Saturday to demonstrate for legislation that would allow undocumented people to apply to be permanent U.S. residents.

The two groups plan to unite at the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday and then march to the Civic Center and San Francisco Federal Building, organizers said.

The marchers are calling for passage of legislation that would provide lawful permanent resident status to certain long-term residents, including the undocumented. Known as the Registry Bill, H.R. 1511 is sponsored by U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose.

Organizers of the march say it would allow about 8 million undocumented residents to apply for legal permanent residency.

The marchers also hope to draw attention to what they see as anti-immigrant practices at the U.S.-Mexico border and in states like Texas and Florida.

“We ask that Congress pass H.R. 1511 so that migrants have a reasonable process to apply for residency, and they may come out of the shadows of work exploitation and fear,” said Socorro Diaz, a leader of the Northern California Coalition for Just Immigration Reform.

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