Bay Area heat wave: Temperature gauge shows how hot ground, structures are

Bay Area

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – As pandemic restrictions are lifted, more people are itching to spend time, not at home just as temperatures are starting to soar.

If you plan to spend time outdoors for an extended period of time, make sure you have a game plan.

Relax too much and the heat can catch you off guard.

“Be aware of like, the temperatures in the area, and how hot it actually is for the kids, because it could be dangerous,” Brooke Pico said. 

Take Civic Park in Walnut Creek for example, despite pandemic restrictions on masking and social distancing loosening, fewer families headed to the playground Wednesday, likely because most of the structures are too hot to play on.

“Just trying to get him out a little bit, at least for a little while. I know his grandparents, they’re in the city for the next two days. They’re going all the way over the bridge to escape the heat man,” Houston Maxi said. 

It was a scorcher by noon — The temperature outdoors in Walnut Creek hit 90-degrees.

Under the sun, the sand registered at 114-degrees. The grass in the shade though, around 65-degrees.

To be safe, you should also avoid walking barefoot — Cement and rubber pathways get extremely hot.

In the shade, the rubber was up to 71-degrees but in the sun a piping hot 179-degrees.

At just 90-degrees outside, the swings were much hotter at 139-degrees. Any prolonged contact could lead to burns.

“I think it’s great to be outside in small doses,” Lori Decker said. 

The same goes for pets. Leaving them in the car for extended periods of time is dangerous, against the law and potentially deadly.

90-degrees outside, means the car will eventually hit triple digits the more time it is in the sun.

If you have to take your pets out, keep them in the cool grass as much as possible.

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