Bay Area heat wave: Tips for keeping your home cool

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — If you are looking for the right cooling unit or fan to help beat heat, KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun got a look at some good options.

There are plenty of options for fans at your local hardware store. The room size and choosing the right fan are key factors for really feeling that cool breeze.

“Right over here. You see how fast we’re selling out here?”

“I have already sold a couple of the pools,” Kelly Haeussler said. “A couple of fans. Our air conditioning units are sold out but we can special order those.”

Haeussler is one of the managers at the Village True Value Hardware store in Santa Rosa, where the temperatures reached 96 degrees at one point.

Haeussler showed some of the best products to use around your apartment, house or home office that will keep you cool.

“This is a great one – an oscillating fan. It will do small or medium sized rooms. This one right here is good. You can feel it from 30-feet away, it will be great for a bedroom,” she said. “Then we have our standard box fan which a lot of people use to either bring cool air in, in the morning. Then you can turn them and have the hot air go out. This one is great, it has a timer. It has a remote control so you can lay in bed and turn that on and off or from your couch. This will do a large room.”

For folks like me working from home?

“This would be great for anyone sitting at their desk in their office or in their home office and just wants to cool down a little bit,” she said. “This will connect to your laptop or your computer.”

There are alternative ways to beat the heat — cooling towels.

“I have one in every single color. All you have to do is get it wet with some cold water, ring it out real good and put it around your neck and it will stay cool for hours,” she said. “I’ve used it on my pillow at home to keep my pillow nice and cool. I use it for my dogs when they are overheating. They are just incredible.”

True Value Hardware has three locations in Santa Rosa, at 4257 Montgomery Dr., 763 Montecito Center and 1810 Sebastopol Rd.

They also sell portable swimming pools as well. There are plenty of options out there to help you beat the heat.

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