(KRON) — The high number of children being admitted to hospitals is forcing some elective surgeries to be put on hold.

“So, really trying hard to manage all of these children,” said Dr. Alan Schroeder, Stanford Pediatric Critical Care physician.

He said most of the children seeking emergency care at Stanford are very young but not all. “Our numbers are like what is happening in the country. It is not just RSV. We’re seeing record numbers of Rhinovirus, pneumonia and other viruses as well,” added Dr. Schroeder.

He said while he doesn’t know what’s behind the sharp rise in cases, experts believe it is possibly due to the pandemic. Many children born during the pandemic didn’t build up a resistance to viruses because they were not around other kids, and now it is all exploding.

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“We will hope to learn over the next months and even years exactly why we are seeing so much,” said Dr. Schroeder. Before rushing to get to the hospital, Dr. Schroeder advises parents to watch for their child’s breathing.

He said data shows the syrups usually don’t help and can harm, but ibuprofen can help. Lastly, Dr. Schroeder added, if your child is sick, it is best to keep them away from others to contain viruses from spreading.