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Bay Area mom waits for son traveling in migrant caravan

PINOLE (KRON) - An immigrant mother who now lives in the Bay Area is anxious as her teenage son makes his way across Central America to the US-Mexico border.

Veronica Aguilar talks to her 15-year-old son by phone every day. 

He is one of the thousands of asylum seekers from Central America making their way through Mexico to the United States. 

Aguilar told KRON4's Ella Sogomonian that she experienced the tiresome journey last year and worries about her son. 

"For me every day is long, every day is hard. In the morning when I know they're setting out I'm just thinking and thinking [until] they call me to let me know where they're at," she said." 

El Salvador isn't the home Aguilar remembers anymore. She said about 5 years ago, gang violence became such a threat that leaving their motherland for the U.S. is a challenge thousands of Central Americans, along with her family, find worthwhile. 

Aguilar has been staying with Ann Moriarty in Pinole since May. 

They met through a non-profit called, Freedom for Immigrants. 

"The united states was actually part of what caused this problem so we have a responsibility to keep our doors open at least to those that go through the process," Moriarty said. 

Both the women are waiting for Aguilar's son, who is now in Veracruz, Mexico, to reach the U.S. border and turn himself in to authorities. 

From there he will start the legal process to gain political asylum. 



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