Bay Area mosques on alert after New Zealand attacks

Bay Area
Bay Area mosques on alert after New Zealand attacks

Law enforcement officers in the Bay Area have stepped up security around mosques in the wake of the New Zealand massacre. 

Officers made their presence known outside the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara where they stood vigilant at both entrances. 

Friday is the weekly prayer for Muslims nationwide and it was well attended.

Imam Shaikh Mohammed Faquih urged the faith not to be afraid. 

He said, “We need to try to make sense of what happened and find a way to navigate through these kinds of events and find a way to move on…”

Worshippers expressed shock and sadness following the violence against their fellow Muslims in New Zealand. 

“I hope people will come to their senses.,” Ali said after Friday prayer. “You can’t just walk into a place of worship and start killing people…”

Kasim Kadiro said, “God wants us all to live together, it’s one planet and I am very sad.” 

In a show of solidarity, uniformed police officers greeted people as they arrived. 

Santa Clara Police Captain Wahid Kazem said, “We are here to show them we are here for them, it’s a mission of solidarity and not just on the grounds of the mosque but in the entire community.” 

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