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Bay Area mothers worried about giving birth during COVID-19 pandemic

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – “It’s so fearful. I have so much anxiety toward the whole thing and I’m just trying to stay positive and hope this is over soon especially before I give birth,” Alana Goepp said. 

Some pregnant mothers in the Bay Area are worried about giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most hospitals are now limiting who can be in the delivery room to just one support person.

This has left some expecting moms to have to change their birth plans last minute.

“Everything just kind of got turned upside down about four weeks ago,” June said. 

This mama to-be planned to have her husband and 12-year-old daughter in the delivery room as she gives birth to her baby girl this week.

“The whole birthing plan we had kind of thrown out the window,” June said. 

But now, she’s allowed just one support person in the room.

This is the new protocol at UCSF, Sutter, John Muir and Kaiser hospitals.

This also means moms who planned to have a doula will have to make some changes

“A lot of doulas are being turned away when they get to the hospital so making sure you can support your client in early labor at home and then transitioning to virtual support tech support Facetime once in active labor,” Kara Rainsford, a doula, said. 

Prenatal appointments have also changed.

“As soon as I walked in there I was stopped at the door and screened is what they call it and they asked if I had a fever, if I had been coughing,” Alana Goepp said. 

Many hospitals are trying to do as many appointments as possible over the phone and not allowing anyone but the expecting mother in for the appointment, meaning spouses are now unable to hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time alongside the mother.

Many women nervous about giving birth inside a hospital, so close to so many coronavirus patients.

“It’s frightening to think that being in a hospital setting with it surrounded everywhere that this boy could possibly be getting that and it would be really scary if it happened,” Meghan Lomeli said. 

While most moms understand the safety protocols, it has made what is supposed to be such a special moment in time a difficult one.

“It’s kind of taken away some of the excitement I was feeling right after my baby shower when things were getting a little more real and finishing the nursery,” June said.

“I’m somewhat disconnected to this pregnancy to compare it to my last one this is supposed to be an exciting time especially for a new mom like myself,” Goepp said.

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