SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) — Gas prices continue to go up all around the Bay Area. Prices have jumped another 0.25 cents in the past week alone, and all Bay Area counties are well within the $5 range.

Motorists in Napa County are paying the highest price, with Marin County paying the second highest in the Bay Area. As of 6:05 a.m. Monday, one gas station in San Rafael was selling regular unleaded at $5.79 per gallon.

Here’s where gas prices are sitting across Bay Area counties, according to AAA:

  • Napa County: $5.67
  • Marin County: $5.65
  • Sonoma County: $5.62
  • San Mateo County: $5.62
  • San Francisco: $5.61
  • Alameda County: $5.55
  • Contra Costa County: $5.55
  • Solano County: $5.53
  • Santa Clara County: $5.50

The average gas price in California is $5.52.

Between flooding in Libya and the Russian-Ukrainian war, gas production is down and causing prices at the pump to go up. The current cost of a barrel of oil is north of $90, which hasn’t been seen in about 10 months.

Prices are typically expected to go down after the summer months, but prices have gone up. Prices are expected to go up a little more before it goes down. The major relief won’t happen until Nov. 1, when California switches from its summer blend, which costs more to produce, to its winter blend.