(KRON) — With every day that passes it becomes less likely rescue crews will find survivors of Monday’s devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Here in the Bay Area, a
Turkish nonprofit in San Jose is sending supplies to the tens of thousands of people displaced by the quake.

The first days following a disaster are the most critical when trying to help those displaced.
The effort to get families supplies has been an around-the-clock operation for Bay Area nonprofits serving the Turkish community.

“We’re working with multiple organizations locally, nationally and internationally in coordination with the embassies and also the Turkish Airlines, who’s helping with our donations to get to Turkey,” said regional representative Asli Karaturk.

Under the guidance of the Turkish-American National Steering Committee, this week, the Hidaya Foundation and Diyanet Silicon Valley organized several donation drop-off locations.

On Thursday, donors stopped by the Hidaya Foundation’s warehouse in San Jose.

“I had an excess of 100-plus hoodies that were going to be sold but wanted to be able to donate and give back and send my blessings to people across the globe,” said donor Sooraj Saxena.

Warm clothing, blankets and medical supplies are especially important as the quake survivors brace for harsh winter conditions.

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“We are Muslim — we are helping them. But I think we should, everyone should be helping them. It’s humanity. Imagine if tomorrow something happens with us, who’s gonna help?” said donor Kamran Memon.

Thursday is the final day of the collection drive. Monetary donations to the nonprofits will be earmarked for Turkey.