SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The Ukrainian-American community in the Bay Area is worried about the tensions overseas.

A rally will be held this weekend in support of Ukraine, one of several nationwide.

“There is just a lot of uncertainty and people can’t plan and expect what’s going to happen,” Ostap Korkuna said.

Ostap Korkuna worried about the Russia-Ukraine tensions

After President Joe Biden said he’s “convinced” Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

“If the full-scale invasion happens there will be a humanitarian crisis,” Korkuna said.

Korkuna is co-chairman for the non-profit Nova Ukraine, a Bay Area-based nonprofit working to raise awareness about Ukraine in the United States. 

“On one hand we are worried about family and friends at the same time we are worried about the country what’s going to happen there and the third thing is we have to be prepared as a non-profit. start preparing for the worst,” Korkuna said.

“This war did not start yesterday or today,” Ruslan Gurzhiy said. 

Ruslan Gurzhiy, editor in chief of Slavic Sacramento, traveled overseas to report on the conflict since 2014 and has been in contact with friends and relatives.

“Other people they just have no income, no house, no food in certain situations, and they’re lucky if they have some humanitarian aid from someone and this is really devastating,” Gurzhiy said. 

“It’s not just Ukraine or Russia but it’s really an issue of global security and global democracy is at stake,” Nataliya Anon said. 

With the increasing tension, local organizations plan to hold several rallies nationwide to help defend Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Nataliya Anon is one of the organizers of an event in San Francisco.

“We will be writing letters and we will be addressing the U.S. elected officials, senators, house representatives and the Biden administration to do whatever they can that the despicable does not happen,” Anon said.