(KRON) — The House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that protected marriage equality, potentially countering an apparent shift to the right from the Supreme Court that some fear could threaten same-sex marriage. The legislation passed on a 267-157 vote, with 47 Republicans crossing the aisle to vote with all Democrats present.

Seven other GOP representatives declined to vote altogether.

The bill passing the House was hailed by many local politicians who belong to the Democratic Party. However, others seemed more focused on calling out the 157 Republicans who voted against the legislation than praising those who did.

Rep. Jackie Speier was among those who celebrated her colleagues crossing the aisle, tweeting that she was “thrilled” and calling the Republican votes “stunning. Earlier in the day, Speier and several of her Democratic colleagues were arrested at an abortion rights rally outside the Supreme Court.

Rep. Eric Swalwell was less celebratory, calling out Leader Kevin McCarthy and the majority of the House GOP for voting against the legislation.
Adam Schiff, a SoCal rep who grew up in the Bay Area, also called out the 157 Republicans who voted against codifying marriage equality.

Rep. Barbara Lee, who was arrested alongside Speier, said she was “proud” to vote yes on the legislation, which is known as the Respect for Marriage Act, but also warned not to “underestimate those that threaten to come for marriage equality next.”

Vice President Kamala Harris, a former San Francisco District Attorney, applauded House members who voted in favor of the bill.