(KRON) — A pilot program aims to help people struggling with drug addictions. Starting in a few weeks, Santa Clara County will give gift cards to people addicted to methamphetamine if they can stay clean for at least two months. 

A new initiative launched by the State of California and piloted in multiple counties will give gift cards to drug users if they test negative for methamphetamine every week.

“It incrementally goes up the first week. It’s $10 each time. So up to $20. And then it incrementally goes up. The max they can get over the 24 week period is $599,” said Tammy Ramsey, Substance Use Service program manager. 

Ramsey says participants won’t be allowed to buy alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets with their gift cards but can shop at a variety of stores including Walmart, Nike and Home Depot. 

“The intent of the program is positive reinforcement. So the whole concept of it is you are getting a reward for your positive behavior which has been shown to over time be more successful,” said Ramsey.

There is no FDA approved drug or treatment for methamphetamine users like there is for opioids. Ramsey says they are hoping to roll out the program in the next few weeks. She expects about 90 people to sign up.

The program’s costs are being covered through reimbursements by CalAIM which is California’s expansion of Medi-Cal services.