Bay Area residents prepare for California’s reopening

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PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) – At midnight, California will reopen and lose most of its restrictions, as well as change its mask mandate. It’ll be a first since the pandemic started.

You may remember, Santa Clara County was once the hardest-hit county in the Bay Area and the first to shut down due to COVID.

Now more than a year later, people here are feeling optimistic.

KRON4 spoke with some people who have their concerns — A majority of people are responding well to the reopening.

On Tuesday, California will reopen after more than a year, ditching a majority of its COVID-19 restrictions and capacity limits.

“Super excited being vaccinated and being in an area where we are highly vaccinated I’m super excited to kind of go back to a semi-normal,” one resident said.

We’ll likely see a lot more faces as the state changes its mask mandate allowing fully vaccinated people to do almost everything like shopping and going to the gym without wearing a mask.

It’s this part of the reopening that’s stirring excitement for some.

“Glad to finally get these masks off and you know get back to some normalcy,” another resident said.

And concerns for others.

“I think it’ll be good but I think them getting rid of the masks this quick is just going to bring panic because we don’t know if there are people out there that still have this virus.”

“I probably, if I’m in a crowded place will wear a mask still.”

We also asked you the viewers what your thoughts were on social media and these are some of your responses.

With nearly 10,000 votes on Facebook, 41% said they were ready to ditch the mask but a majority at 59% said no, they’re not comfortable yet.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the responses were split between people planning to get rid of their mask in places that no longer require it, people choosing to continue wearing a mask, and others wearing a mask only in certain places.

“It’s kind of routine, a habit now so it’s not too bad to keep wearing it until we reach herd immunity at least.”

Meanwhile, those not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask in all indoor settings. Changes to the mask mandate aside, many felt optimistic about reopening.

“Business is opening open that way people can go back to work and I can go back to making more money.”

“I think that the case counts going down and high-rate vaccinations give you a sense of peace.”

As a reminder, these are broad state guidelines, but each city, county, and local business is able to set its own capacity limits or rules as they see fit.

In Santa Clara County, they plan to align with state guidelines.

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