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Bay Area sailor provides helpful quarantine tips amid pandemic

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — As Bay Area residents try to stave off cabin fever during shelter in place, a San Mateo native is sharing her experience doing that literally, while on a sailing trip across the ocean.

For some, sheltering in place may feel a bit like being out at sea — with nowhere to go and no land in sight. Local writer and sailor Lauren Sloss knows the feeling well.

In 2017, she spent 31 straight days on the ocean, in a 32-foot sailboat with three other people while crossing the Atlantic.

“That feeling of stocking your living space without knowing when it might end,” Sloss said. “or when you might be able to leave, is incredibly familiar.”

After talking with other sailor friends, Lauren and her husband Alex, quickly realized their experiences on the water might serve them well in quarantine. Whether that meant buying staples at the Grocery Store, carving out time for privacy or making the most of quality time together.

“If you can come together or cook dinner together, or have a movie night or play a game, it’s a nice way to make being in a space together feel enjoyable,” Sloss said.

And to avoid making every day feeling like groundhog day, don’t track the actual days.

“One other sailing lesson that I was not great at on the crossing, but I’m doing better with now, is try not to count the days, or set an end date,” she said. “Like don’t set your expectations for a certain timeframe.”

But while we all await word on when we can once again abandon ship at will, Lauren says she found a silver lining in learning to appreciate the rare chance to slow down.

“I hope that we can hold onto the good parts of that when this is over, but don’t get me wrong, the minute it’s safe I want to hang out with like everyone I’ve ever met, and go to all the restaurants, and do all the things,” she said.

That will have to wait until we collectively stem the tide on COVID-19, and it’s clear sailing once again.

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