Bay Area schools cancel sports practices due to unhealthy air from Camp Fire

Bay Area

The wildfires continue to create poor air quality in the Bay Area, as some schools have canceled outdoor and indoor sports practices.

The cancellation of practices and games is interrupting the big annual football championships.

“We made a decision to cancel all outdoor activity,” The Branson School Director of Athletics Tom Ryan said.

The air quality is poor around the high school.

And Ryan says it’s not safe for the kids to be exercising in the smoky air.

“It’s not safe,” Ryan said.

Aidan Demian, a senior and football player at The Branson School, says they were in the middle of playoffs when the bad air quality disrupted their flow.

Their team made the playoffs this year for the first time, which is a big deal for them. And now, their next playoff game has been canceled twice due to the poor air quality.

Demian says energy has been low across campus.

“We trained all summer for this,” Demian said. “It’s a rare chance to get to the championships.”

Ryan says the students’ wellbeing comes first.

“It’s inconvenient, but student health is most important,” Ryan said. 



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