OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — San Francisco Bay Area animal shelters are overloaded with rabbits this summer and many bunnies are in need of foster families and forever homes.

“Rescued, adorable and lonely bunnies in the Bay Area desperately need your help. Opening your home to a rescued rabbit is an act of kindness that will bring joy to you and the bunny,” said Jessica Peters, an Oakland-based rabbit rescuer.

“This is a crisis of overcrowding and our groups are working together to find homes,” Peters said. Those who adopt and foster rabbits will be provided with supplies, training, and guidance on how to care for their new furry friend.

Rabbits are are clean, quiet, and love playing with toys. Despite the phrase “dumb bunny,” rabbits learn their names and can be trained to use a litter box like a cat.

“Shelters and rescues across the Bay are facing an unprecedented number of unwanted and abandoned rabbits, all at extremely high risk of euthanasia,” Contra Costa Animal Services wrote on Facebook Thursday.

Foster rabbits must live indoors in exercise pens. You will need to “bunny-proof” your house to discourage chewing wires or ingesting unsafe items. Rabbits are also fragile. They can be easily injured if mishandled or dropped, so the primary caregiver must be an adult.

Under close supervision, bunnies can live with well-behaved cats and dogs, depending on the pets’ personalities and prey reactions.

The following nonprofits and municipal shelters have rabbits in need of fostering and forever homes:

Contra Costa Animal Services
Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue
East Bay Rabbit Rescue
East County Animal Shelter
Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter
Hayward Animal Shelter
House Rabbit Society
Jameson Humane
Napa Bunnies
Oakland Animal Services
Rabbit Ears Rescue
The Rabbit Haven
Rohnert Park Animal Services
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Jose Animal Care Center
Tri-City Animal Shelter

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Oakland Animal Services – Dutch / American / Mixed / Small Young Male