It’s been a week and a half since a volcano erupted near the Pacific Island Nation of Tonga.

Air quality remains poor on the island, and even though some aid has arrived, much more needs to be done to help the people living there.

When KRON4 first spoke with Sesilia Pahulu last week, she and her crew at SF Enterprises and Logistics had been unsuccessful in making contact with their crew, friends and family in Tonga.

Now a week and a half later, communication is still spotty.

“Once we get a little connection, it’s really only good for about a minute, two minutes. But we have made contact. Everyones okay. Our facilities are fine,” Pahulu said.

SF Enterprises and Logistics is located in Oakland, but they also have a facility in Tonga.

She says right now masks are much needed as ash from that volcanic eruption is still falling.

“They’ll clean up the roof outside, go in, and then come back out a short time later and the ash is there again. They were happy to know we had masks headed there already.”

Water and food are the other big needs.

Over the weekend, Australian and New Zealand military planes were able to deliver large amounts of drinkable water,  but more will be needed in the coming weeks.

“We’re really focused on our efforts of getting as much water there as possible. And obviously there’s no crops. A lot of the crops were ruined. So they’re depending on non perishable foods at the moment so they can get their farms back.”

SF Enterprises next shipment to Tonga heads out February 6th.

Those looking to donate water, masks or dry non perishable foods can drop them off at the  facility in Oakland.

SF Enterprises & Logistics, LLC

2525 Mandela Parkway Suite #1

Oakland, Ca 94607

They’ll be accepting donations through Wednesday February 2nd.

Pahulu says they’re also starting to think about long term needs as the island rebuilds.

“We’re doing this for the next four sailings just to get people on their feet. But then we also have to look at the long term to help Tonga’s economy after all this.”