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Bay Area shoppers raid stores in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Bay Area

FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) — As fears surrounding coronavirus spread around the world, here in the Bay Area basic necessities are selling out in the event of this pandemic.

Worried shoppers continue stocking up on food and other essentials leaving some store shelves empty.

Shoppers throughout the Bay Area were out in force, but stores can barely keep up with demand.

From the pasta aisle to hand sanitizer — empty shelves remain as people stock up on items, bracing for the unknown as fears surrounding coronavirus spread around the Bay Area and beyond.

The line wrapped around the Costco store in Vallejo Saturday morning. Shoppers lined up with their carts.

At the Hayward Costco, around 1 p.m., people braved the elements. Some wore masks to prevent any type of sickness

“Just protecting myself,” a shopper said. “Toilet paper and water just incase because I’m almost finished at home.”

There is disinfecting spray and paper towels in front of stores for shoppers to wipe down the shopping carts and pallets before they come in the store.

People stocked up on bottled water, paper goods and non perishable items.

At the Hayward Target, employees said people lined up hours before the store opened and wiped out the shelves carrying disinfectant products – with a limit of one item per person.

Same rule applied to bottled water.

In Concord, Trader Joe’s has been busier than the holidays, according to a worker. The store ran out of toilet paper and paper towels.

At Whole Foods in Fremont, paper goods were also out, in addition to alcohol and cleaning supplies.

According to a number of store managers and workers, the best time to do your shopping seems to be first thing in the morning when shipments are likely to come in and shoppers are welcome to call the store ahead of time.

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