(KRON) — The Bay Area Sudanese community is coming together after their loved ones have become trapped in the middle of fighting in Sudan.

“I still have half of my family over there who is constantly sending us videos, bombings, gunshots and houses being burned,” said Alees Elshiek, a Sudanese woman living in Hayward.

Elshiek said half of her family has been able to flee to the east but she doesn’t know how long their safety will remain. Refugees from North Sudan are now pouring into South Sudan.

“Our organization works with South Sudanese refugees from previous violence with Sudan. So much turmoil. All these countries have their problems, but spill over into each other,” said David Watermulder with Helping Hands for South Sudan.

Watermulder runs Helping Hands for South Sudan, a Bay Area nonprofit that works with students in South Sudan to pay for school. Elshiek is a part of the Sudanese Association of Northern California. The group held a rally on Saturday in San Francisco spreading the word to stand up against violence in Sudan.

“Number one thing is spreading awareness. The major thing we don’t want Sudan to be looked past, because a lot of the times issues like this arise and people say ‘It’s another war in Africa,’” said Elshiek.