Bay Area voters react to violent riots at U.S. Capitol

Bay Area

DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol is still a hot topic among Bay Area voters.

On Hartz Avenue in downtown Danville, you don’t have to look far to see American flags flying.

No matter who they voted for in the 2020 election, no one was happy about the violent display that took place in our nation’s Capitol.

Those who voted for Joe Biden put the blame squarely on president trump.

“I think the actions to the president speak for themselves. I don’t have any question that what he did was very insightful none of this is what’s gone down has been helpful for bringing the country more together, it’s really made it more divisive, it’s pretty sad.”

“It makes me sick, it really makes me sick. Prosecuted to the full us extent of the law. A president should be leaving the country not pushing the country apart in separate ways he’s just using us like pawns.”

But while all of the Trump supporters who talked to KRON4 were equally appalled by what happened, not all are in agreement in the part the president played in instigating it.

“I think he’s careless and reckless and things he says and does, but you can’t blame him for what took place yesterday. It’s a sad sad state of affairs.”

“I do think that our president has driven in our country apart. I think he’s done some good things but that’s obviously one of the worst things this happened in his tenure hopefully no matter who’s in office next, the president elect who is moving forward with this country that we will get a little bit more back to center.”

One Trump supporter said she would definitely not vote for him again if he runs again in 2024. The rest weren’t sure, saying it all depends on who he’s up against. 

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