(KRON) — Two separate votes across the Bay Area sent a clear signal to nearby residents on Tuesday: recent storms have brought enough rain to significantly impact our local water storage levels.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board both voted unanimously to end their respective water shortage emergency statuses. SF Public Utilities Commission formally rescinded the emergency declaration established in 2021. A drought surcharge added to customer’s bills since 2022 will also be lifted on May 1.

“Recent storms have made this year one of the wettest on record, and snowpack has reached historic levels,” said Dennis Herrera, SFPUC General Manager. “This follows three of the driest years in recorded history.”

San Francisco is still asking residents to be aware of their water use, and the systemwide voluntary water use reduction is still in place. The city says the State Water Board has regulations which require all urban water agencies to stay in a drought response.

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The Santa Clara Valley Water District Board may have rescinded the water shortage emergency, but officials are still asking customers to maintain a 15% voluntary water-use reduction. Outdoor water waste restrictions remain in place, including the two-day per week watering limit for “residential nonfunctional turf” Valley Water told KRON4.