SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – April 22nd is Earth Day and people usually plant trees or pick up trash to take part.

But a Bay Area youth group wants us to rethink community cleanup and take it to the next level.

They want climate justice, and held a huge rally in San Francisco to voice their demands. The event’s organizer talked with KRON4 reporters.

A big turn out in San Francisco as hundreds of people marched from UN Plaza towards City Hall to demand climate justice.

“I had a nightmare two days ago that no one was going to come so I am really happy that so many people came,” event organizer Hannah Estrada from “Youth vs Apocalypse” tells KRON4 news.

The people here are making Earth Day about communities of color in the city that are suffering from pollution, with a focus on Treasure Island and Bayview Hunters Point.

“There is a lot of toxic radioactive contamination in those two communities causing harm causing cancer premature births people die prematurely and it is causing havoc in these communities,” Estrada said.

The group made up mostly of elementary, high school and college kids, want full cleanup of contaminated areas in these vulnerable neighborhoods and health services for all the people impacted.

A whole new way to act on Earth Day.

Estrada says, “we are a small city seven by seven miles so it should not be hard for us to come together on this issue.”

The event organizer is 19 years old and goes to San Jose State, after growing up in San Francisco. 

She tells KRON4 the district attorneys office reached out to her at the rally and said they are looking to hire an environmental attorney to work on the issues.