BENICIA, Calif. (KRON) — In Benicia, the city and school district are concerned that young people may participate in an unsanctioned event on Friday evening known as “La Migra.”

In a message sent out earlier this week, the Benicia Unified School District is warning parents about a “chase-and-capture game called “La Migra.” They say that during the game older students, usually teenagers, chase younger students across the city trying to catch them.  

They then sometimes take the younger kids against their will and transport them across town.

The district says the game is based on ICE agents deporting undocumented immigrants and they are discouraging la migra due to “the inappropriate, racist, and offensive nature of the game and the incredible safety concerns for our students and innocent bystanders.”

They also add that “la migra” is not condoned by any school, the school district, or the City of Benicia.

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The Benicia Police Department has said that they will have extra officers on duty Friday evening keeping an eye out for any problems. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Benicia Police Department.