BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – An East Bay auto repair shop has been burglarized once again. This time the thieves stole four cars from the business’ garage, along with expensive tools and money. And it was all caught on camera.

The crime left the shop’s longtime owner feeling uneasy about the future of the business.

“I think at this point these thieves have no fear of anything really because there’s no repercussions or punishment anymore,” co-owner Victor Delgado said.   

Delgado has been helping to run Autometrics of Berkeley for nearly 30 years. The business has been a staple on San Pablo Avenue since the 1970s.  

He is worried that crime is getting more brazen in Berkeley. It leaves a feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty.

“What happened to us I think is a reflection of I think what’s happening in general in California, maybe in the whole country. I don’t know, but it is happening here for sure,” he said.   

Delgado says the first break-in happened in February. The thieves made off with a safe. After some security upgrades, the Autometrics team felt a little more secure, but in the early morning hours of last Thursday, another group of thieves came back.

First, they unsuccessfully tried to ram the auto shop’s steel roll-up doors. But they eventually got in through the front, rolling away with a BMW and three other vehicles.

Video also shows a cabinet of tools being dragged away. Over the course of about three hours, the burglars took what they wanted.

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“Shop equipment, electronics, petty cash, and very expensive tools,” Delgado said. 

Delgado has plans to increase security even more as police are investigating the burglaries. For now, his time is tied up with insurance and customers to answer to.

Back in March, it was reported by Berkeley’s then-interim police chief that Berkeley has one of the highest property crime rates in the region. Crime data from the police department also shows burglaries and, more specifically, cases of stolen vehicles have increased.