Berkeley residents prepare for power shutoffs

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BERKELEY (KRON) — Many people across the Bay Area have lost power or will lose power soon.

As the second phase of shut offs continue, people in Berkeley are preparing.

PG&E said power was supposed to go out in Berkeley at 8 p.m. tonight, but the power is currently still on.

Along Solano Avenue in the Berkeley Hills, lights are still shining from shops and lights up in the hills in both directions.

When the power does go out, the Berkeley mayor says they are prepared. 

While most of the city won’t be affected, they’ve extended the hours of all the cities’ branch libraries for people to use for power and charge up.

People like Bruce Tuttle who live in Berkeley are fuming from PG&E’s planned power outages.

“I just think it’s a gross example of ineptitude on the part of PG&E that’s headed by people who I think, I call them highly educated unintelligent people that they would let something like this happen,” he said.

while berkeley mayor jesse arrequin says most of the city won’t be affected…

“Based on the maps, we’ve seen the area that will be affected are the north and southeast Berkeley Hills,” Arrequin said. “Most of  Berkeley in the flatlands will not be affected.”

He said he’s frustrated by communications with PG&E and lack of information.

“It’s been challenging to work with PG&E,” Arrequin said. “Not only has their website been down, residents have been unable to get information but it’s been difficult for local governments to get information.”

Arrequin said the city’s unsure how long outages will last but they’re preparing to have places available for people to use power and charge up.

“At the present time all of our branch libraries in Berkeley will be open for that purpose and we’re extending hours to keep them open,” he said.

Some say they’re ready for the blackout.

“My family we have a lot of flashlights,” a resident said. “And we got a lot of water supplies and ice and some extra food.”

The mayor says Berkeley United Schools will also remain open and have no plans to close at this point.

If and when you lose power, you can head to the city’s libraries to use power. 

You can also expect a majority of the city to continue business as usual.

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