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Watch: Berkeley teacher’s union president criticized after controversial video

Bay Area

BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – The Berkeley teachers union is taking some heat today after a video was released showing the union president taking his child to school.

This angered some parents who do not have the same opportunity.

A representative of the group that posted the video tells KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun, these tactics are just the beginning.

The video shows the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Matt Meyer, walking his 2-year-old daughter to preschool last month.

Guerilla Momz, a parent activists group of self described angry moms, posted the video on their youtube channel.

What are they angry about?

They view the union president’s actions as hypocritical.

“Meyer has told the district for months it is not safe to open and that children will not wear masks, based on his experience as a teacher. But all the time, he was taking his own child to school, where she had to wear a mask. He has denied 8700 other children the same opportunity.”

They want schools open 5-days a week and that public health says it is safe to open now.

Directly addressing the controversy surrounding his child attending school, Matt Meyer sent KRON4 a statement that reads in part, “my 2-year-old does attend preschool. Unfortunately, there are no public options for kids her age. There are significant differences in running a small preschool and running a public school district of almost 9,500 students in terms of size, facilities, public health guidance and services that legally have to be provided.”

The superintendent of the Berkeley unified school district also released a statement.

“Yesterday, I became aware that an anonymous individual in our community posted a video of the president of our teacher’s union taking his two-year-old daughter to her nursery school. Regrettably, this video, which invades the privacy of a family in our school community and targets one of our educators, has already appeared in the press.” 

“Nothing is served by treating members of our community, including our teachers – and the teacher who represents them as their union president – as the enemy.”

However, Guerilla Momz say to expect more of the same. Writing, “The video is just the beginning. There is a lot of hypocrisy in Berkeley, and we intend to expose it all.

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