BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – Gabriel Gliksman’s mother is 81 years old. He was on the phone with her in Israel when they both heard missiles in the distance.  

“I said ‘Mom are you ok?’ And there was nothing,” Gliksman recalled to KRON4. 

Gliksman says for hours after the attack he could not reach his mother in Israel. He thought she was dead.  

The Berkeley resident says he called around, trying to find out any information about her. He said he didn’t sleep at all, but then in the morning, around 6 a.m., he got word she was alive and shared how she survived the brutal attack on her home.

“They came to her house, took her electronics then told her to stay inside, they put out fuel. She prayed and then jumped through a window with her flip-flops on,” he said. 

Gliksman says as she was running she saw gunned-down neighbors and homes burning.

“Her neighbor’s home was set on fire, our friend, and she was killed in the fire,” he said. 

Gliksman says his mother has an incredible will to live, and that is how she made it. She is now staying with friends, trying to get the medicine she needs and new eyeglasses. Everything in her home was destroyed.