SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – came up with a methodology to track “the optimal spot for your telecommuter lifestyle.”

The website gave cities scores for financial incentives, earnings potential, connectivity, affordability, safety, amenities and workspaces, which led to an overall score.

While the Bay Area was high in average household incomes for remote workers, taking the No. 1 (Sunnyvale), No. 3 (Fremont), No. 4 (San Francisco) and No. 5 (San Jose) spots in those categories, it did not show up in the top 10, which were:

  1. Plano, Texas (67.1)
  2. Frisco, Texas (67.0)
  3. Tampa, Florida (65.6)
  4. Atlanta, Georgia (63.9)
  5. Seattle, Washington (63.4)
  6. Durham, North Carolina (63.2)
  7. Austin, Texas (63.0)
  8. Kansas City, Missouri (62.5)
  9. Jacksonville, Florida (62.2)
  10. Charlotte, North Carolina (62.0)

San Francisco was all the way down that list at No. 103, with a score of 50.4.

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Well should you pack up and move to Plano?

Split between Denton and Collin counties, Plano has a population of 285,494 and is in the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area. The top employer is Capital One Finance and it is the headquarters of FedEx Office, JC Penny, and Pizza Hut.