BURLINGAME, Calif. (KRON) – Words that the state plans to fully reopen is music to the ears of California business owners.

“It’s just fantastic for all of us,” Jeff Silverman with UK Hair Full Service Salon in Burlingame is thrilled the state is looking to fully reopen on June 15th and says it can only be good for business.

“As more people get vaccinated, people are more confident coming in the salon, and with this news now even more people will want to come back it,” Silverman said.

Jason Diavatis at Benicia’s Loft Wine Bar and Restaurant says those in his industry have been struggling to survive, and this will help.

“People are really excited, they will have the confidence to go out and know it’s safe and that they can go enjoy themselves again,” Diavatis said.

Restaurant owner and Golden Gate Restaurant Association executive director Laurie Thomas says while this is great next step, the devil is in the details and she wants to know what if any restrictions state and local health officials will implement.

“What we are looking for is what will it take to get back to 100% capacity inside,” Thomas asked.

After losing 8 billion dollars in revenue due to the lack of  business and leisure travel,  Joe D’Alessandro with San Francisco travel says this will reopening California is great news for all the way around.

“Travel and tourism is still the cities number one industry and generates more dollars and tax revenues and jobs than any other industry in San Francisco, so it’s really important to get travel and tourism back on its feet,” D’Alessandro said.