This credit card reader at a Broadmoor 7-Eleven was found to contain a skimmer. (Photo courtesy of the Broadmoor Police Dept.)

BROADMOOR (KRON) – Within just the past day there’ve been at least two reports of skimmers being found on Bay Area credit and debit card readers, adding to a number of similar incidents in recent months.

In Broadmoor, a tiny community in San Mateo County surrounded entirely by Daly City, police found a skimmer had been on a card reader for about two hours, having been placed there at 5:20 a.m. Wednesday.

Broadmoor police responded to a fraud report at the 7-Eleven at 293 87th Street at 7:30 a.m., according to a Facebook post.

“7-Eleven staff discovered a ‘skimmer’ scanning device attached to their credit card terminal,” Broadmoor police stated. “Officers located video surveillance footage of the suspect, discovering the decide was attached on 08/17 0520 hours. Please be cautious of these scanning devices when making credit card purchases. This investigation is still ongoing.”

Police are looking for this man, who they believe put a skimmer on a Broadmoor 7-Eleven credit card reader. (Photo courtesy of the Broadmoor Police Dept.)

In Morgan Hill, police are looking for whoever is responsible for putting a credit card skimmer at a Bank of America at 200 Cochrane Plaza. The skimmer was discovered Aug. 10 after an ATM technician discovered it.

A small camera and a piece of rubber stripping were found inside the ATM.

Just last month, KRON4 reported on credit card skimmers discovered in Petaluma and Sunnyvale.

Skimmers have also been found in Oakland, San Anselmo, and Salinas, according to police, where three people were arrested for withdrawing several thousand dollars using the device.