SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – High gas prices have more and more people ditching their cars for more affordable ways of getting around. 

One way that’s growing in popularity is commuter bicycles. 

Bicycles saw a big comeback during the pandemic. 

It was a way for people to get outside but now with high gas prices, they’re becoming a reliable and cost effective way to get around.

“It’s well documented that the pandemic was a bicycling bubble. We’re 8% of that right now. It’s been then it’s ever been,” Jim Gardner said. 

Jim Gardner is CEO of Good Karma Bikes in San Jose. 

It’s a non-profit, second-hand bike shop that’s seeing people opting out of using their cars and instead picking up a bicycle to commute.

“Demand for commuter bikes is through the roof. More than we have ever seen in 13 years. It’s been tough for us to keep up with demand right now,” Gardner said. 

High prices at the pump have also been pushing people to public transportation. 

Ferry and BART ridership has gone up as people are returning to office work and interest in using electric scooters is also rising. 

The average price of a bike at Good Karma is around $280. 

Gardner says right now the investment pays for itself. 

“The average cost of a bike is less than the price of one new car tire. people are spending up to $90 and more to fill their tank,” Gardner said.