(KRON) – – Millions with student loan debt are now eligible for relief.

The website to apply went live this weekend—allowing for up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness. KRON 4 spoke with a UC Berkeley Grad who is eligible to have almost all of the money they owe wiped away.

President Biden promised an easy online application for student loan debt relief—and that’s what seems to be happening. The process from start to finish takes just a few minutes– requiring your name, social security, phone number, date of birth and email.

Millions are eligible to click on the website studentaid.gov for student loan forgiveness. Including 24-year-old Ben Ellsworth who graduated from UC Berkeley $20,500 in debt.

Ellsworth tells KRON4, “even with financial Aid and receiving Pell Grants all four years, it still wasn’t enough to cover all the costs.”

President Biden announced in August that student loan borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year will have up to $10,000 of their college debt forgiven. And up to $20,000 for those like Ellsworth, who received Pell Grants.

Ellsworth tells KRON4, “I’ll be at $500 total, so my plan is to once that’s all settled just get rid of that amount and then I’ll be debt free which is something I did not think would be possible for decades.” Ellsworth says the online application took him just a few minutes to fill out and submit.

According to the Director of Financial Aid at Cal State East Bay, Sonia Jethani around 8,000 people applied over the weekend when the website had its test launch. Each one getting the notification that the federal government will follow up if more information is needed.

Jethani tells KRON4, “I think this particular process is just to organize everybody for them to determine who they need to be reviewing.”

Six Republican-led states are suing to block the plan, arguing it oversteps the President’s authority and will lead to financial losses for student loan servicers. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley said in a press conference, “there’s no authority for the president to waver and to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt and yet he did it anyway.”

Like many applicants, Ellsworth is skeptical about the possibility of loan forgiveness— but with the cost of living in San Francisco he’s holding out hope that he’ll be approved. Ellsworth says, “this is like a step in the right direction and that we should be supporting to uplift those that are struggling financially.”

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The Education Department says eligible borrowers should expect to see their debt forgiven within six weeks. The goal is to forgive the debt before student loan repayments resume in January.