SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco is seeing its busiest days in two years – With March Madness and the SailGP Race in San Francisco this weekend, the tourism industry is seeing a boost.

Business managers are noticing more crowds and are hoping it will get even busier towards the summer.

A must-see stop in San Francisco: people flocked to Pier 39 on Friday afternoon. 

Russell Miller is visiting from Detroit for one of the two big events this weekend.

“My father, brother and I are here now and a friend just came down out for the sailboat race and looking forward to good days like this and having a little fun,” Miller said. 

The big events give a much needed boost to businesses along the waterfront.

It’s a stark contrast from two years ago when San Drancisco, along with other Bay Area counties, imposed the first stay at home order. The city’s tourism industry took a hit.

“Hard to believe we are where we are today after laying off 128 people on the 17th of March in 2020 but weekends like this give us faith and confidence that we’re on the right path,” Michael Cope said. 

Michael Cope, general manager at Scoma’s restaurant, says customers are returning and not just people visiting from out of town.

The restaurant is hosting a corporate event Friday evening.

“We have a ways to go but san francisco has a unique way of bouncing back,” Rodney Fong said.

Rodney Fong, president and CEO of San Francisco’s Chamber of Commerce, says it’s starting to feel like pre pandemic.

“We’re starting to see all of the neighborhoods in San Francisco North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown slowly start to come back, downtown is coming back,” Fong said. 

One other thing businesses are looking forward to is when companies start bringing back workers to the office that is gradually happening.