OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A progressive civil rights attorney, Pamela Price, is poised to defeat a veteran prosecutor to become the next District Attorney of Alameda County.

Price self-declared victory on Monday over Terry Wiley. Price said Wiley, who is currently Alameda County’s chief deputy district attorney, called her on Sunday to concede.

Wiley has not yet confirmed to KRON4 that he conceded to Price. As of Monday night, county elections officials reported that Price had 227,438 votes (53 percent) and Wiley had 200,795 votes (47 percent).

Alameda County will have a new district attorney and a new sheriff in 2023. The county’s three-term district attorney, Nancy O’Malley, did not seek re-election. Longtime sheriff Gregory Ahern was ousted by Yesenia Sanchez in the June election. O’Malley had previously endorsed both Ahern and Wiley.

Price ran on a platform proclaiming, “the status quo must go.”

“The voters have ushered in change in the County Sheriff’s office and now the DA’s office. The next six years of my term will be full of meaningful changes to reform the criminal justice system. This election was never about me, even though the opposition painted it that way. The double standards and racial disparities were palpable to the voters and they could see the old approach has not led us to greater public safety. They did not trust the status quo to change itself, and real public safety requires public trust,” Price said.

“There are so many layers of changes needed and it will take time to turn the wheels of justice in the right direction,” she said.

As the county’s first-ever African American district attorney, Price said her victory is a “significant moment” in history.

Price assembled a transition team that includes criminal justice experts and community leaders. She will be sworn in on January 3.

“I look forward to a smooth transition and know the office has professionals who are hopeful the long-awaited change of reform would come to fix racial, gender, and socio-economic disparities and double standards,” Price said.

Price said she hopes to speak with O’Malley “as soon as possible” to work on a smooth transition.