(KRON) — A bill to fund public transit by increasing bridge tolls for the next five years is on hold, State Senator Scott Wiener’s office announced on Monday.

The plan by Senator Wiener would have raised the bridge tolls in the Bay Area by $1.50 for all bridges except the Golden Gate Bridge.

The increase in tolls was expected to start next year and was estimated to generate $180 million to help sustain funding for public transit. Several groups, including members of Congress, expressed concern over how effective the plan would be and how it would impact low income communities.

“Increasing tolls can be a significant burden to Bay Area commuters who are already dealing with high cost of living, inflation, and other expenses,” said Assemblymember Lori Wilson. “From an equity perspective, tolls can have substantial repercussions especially for those where public transit is not a viable option.”

The Bay Area Council was the first group to oppose the bill and has since called for transit system reforms.

“With the Council’s support, billions of dollars in state and federal funding have been put in place to assist our transit systems and buy them the time they need to reform how they do business,” said Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council. “We stand ready to work with our legislators and transit agencies to reimagine transit operations that are critical to keeping our region moving and our economy growing.”

Wiener says he will be working with those groups to find a solution for transit funding.