OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Six birds escaped at the Oakland Zoo after a tree fell on their enclosure on Tuesday, the zoo said. None of the birds pose a threat to the public.

Several trees fell on zoo grounds during the deadly storm. One tree fell into the zoo’s newest aviary, damaging the mesh that keeps the birds inside.

Some birds were taken to a veterinary hospital, but none were injured. Six birds flew threw the opening and into the zoo. The zoo did not specify which bird species got loose.

The zoo said that staff members are taking nonstop shifts in an effort to retrieve the birds. People, zoo animals, and native wildlife are all not threatened.

“We’re confident we’ll be able to recover all 6 soon,” the zoo said.

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While the zoo repairs damage, parts of the African Savanna exhibit may be closed to the public.

Tuesday’s storm hit the Bay Area hard, leading to power outages, downed trees blocking roads and even furniture flying through the air. In Oakland, a person was killed by Lake Merritt after a large tree fell on a tent.